Martial Arts

The benefits of martial arts training has enhanced the lives of thousands of students  

all over the world, for many centuries.  

In our classes we teach practical effective self defense through a combination of Kempo/Chaun Fa and Tai Chi Chuan. The traditional movements are proven to develop the mind, body & spirit by;

strengthening the body & mind – improving balance & agility

Increasing focus & awareness – Improving energy flow

Too often violence is portrayed as a heroic cultural ideal, one that sees fighting as an honorable solution to conflict. Our school teaches Kempo in its true form – as an Art – as a way to end conflict by non violent means. This is done not just by developing the confidence to not fight, but by working to end conflict at its true source, within the human mind.

We run separate classes each week for junior (5 – 9 yrs), intermediate (10 – 14 yrs), and 15 and over, and we tailor our syllabus to meet the different needs of each age group, while keeping it fun and enjoyable.

We also run periodic short courses for the surrounding communities such as;

Practical every day self defense (both unisex & women only courses available)

Qi Gung (energy work) – Simple techniques for reducing stress & fatigue, increasing energy and improving health & well being

Meditation – Access your inner guides through calming the mind

Tai Chi and Meditation classes every Wednesday and Sunday Morning, see the Tai Chi & Meditation Link for more information

School aged children term fees start from $55 per student, and adult fees start from $30 month (for one weekly class).

All are welcome to attend 2 classes for free before any commitments are made. 

Periodic course prices vary – prices available on application.

For more information contact

Senior Chief Instructor Craig Bennetts

Tel 09 431 5170 or